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Did you play?  Did you win?

Puppy Count Results

We always like to play a little game with guessing how many puppies each mom is carrying.  This time we were a little rushed with Violet whelping just a day after we had the scan and Iris not far behind!  Those who guess correctly, win a Sapphire Eyes T-shirt!  Here are the results!

puppy count.jpg
puppy count.jpg


puppy results.jpg

We have 3 winners for Violet's litter!  Our winners are shown in red, so if your name is highlighted in red, you will receive a Sapphire Eyes T-shirt on Puppy Day!  Good job counting puppies!

Congratulations to Isla, Daniel, and Nava!  Make sure I have your shirt size!

puppy count.jpg


puppy count results.jpg

We only have one winner for Iris's litter, so Hazel, you are our champion puppy counter for this litter!  You win a Sapphire Eyes T-shirt on Puppy Day!   Make sure I have your shirt size and Congratulations!

puppy count.jpg
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