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Our New Puppy Barn

Whelping Pen, Big Kid Pen, Outdoor Playpen, and my Office!

We now have a nice safe puppy proof whelping, growing, playing, and exploring area for our puppies!  We have a separate area for little babies and nursing mamas before they get big enough to move to the big kid pen to run amuck and play with their littermates and toys.  They love trying the doggie door and socializing with the other dogs and barn cats from the safety of their playpen.


Puppy Barn

We are so excited about our new puppy barn!  It has two separate areas for whelping and big kid play.  There's even room for my desk so I can spend time with the puppies while I am working!  It is completely insulated to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer with heating and air conditioning too.  We installed rubber mats on the floors for warmth, comfort, and lots of non-slip traction for puppies taking their first steps.  There's doggie doors in each area leading to a fenced play yard to allow leg stretching for mom or outside play for the kids.  

Call us today to stop by and take a look at our fantastic new facility and meet our awesome dogs.

From Start to Finish!

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